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Accessing process critical data and applications on the move is a fundamental requirement that assists your stakeholders in delivering value and productivity. An effective, cost-effective and robust solution that rationalizes quick and dependable access with security and data protection can be the difference between retaining and relinquishing your competitive edge. Cloud based Enterprise Mobility and Security solutions provide a secure and scalable mobile access solution that your organization can license on a per user basis.

LiveRoute’s solution based on Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility and Security solutions deliver a simple, quick and cost-effective functionality for guaranteed data security and uninterrupted mobile access to Enterprises in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, other Northern Emirates in the UAE and the GCC region. Under the Enterprise Mobility and Security solutions umbrella, we offer a suite of services for your organization to choose from:

Why you need an Enterprise
Mobility and Security solution?

Simplify mobile access to data and applications while securing user specific privileges and retaining reliable data protection. Access interruptions impact the efficient use of your time and human resources. Our solution is the simple and effective alternative.

Mobile access and resilient security can be divergent outcomes if addressed ineffectively. Our Enterprise Mobility and Security solution is a precise, customizable and highly secure solution that can address specific needs and profiles.

Ensure the security and availability of the critical data that your executives and business users need. Empower all stakeholders with disruption free functionality.

Mobile access is an essential operational advantage but securing your data is equally crucial. We provide you with a single elegant solution that reconciles these challenges.


Optimize your IT resources

  • Improve the competitiveness and viability of your enterprise by creating operational synergies and empowered stakeholders.
  • Address the best of both worlds by ensuring uninterrupted access on the go, while securing your network and data.
  • Administrative overheads impact all businesses. We help you to optimize your performance while limiting your operating costs, with our per user basis licensing model.

Improve Data Security

  • Improve the reliability of your access to data and secure it against disruptions.
  • Adhere to the highest standards in Compliance.
  • Monitor activity, identify threats and generate records with detailed reporting, auditing, and alerts.
  • Encrypt sensitive data and define usage rights to reliably secure your data and network security.

Quick, Agile and Scalable

  • Cloud based Enterprise Mobility and Security solution ensures an optimal and flexible performance model for your organization.
  • A highly flexible solution that can be customized in accordance with your specific needs.
  • Dependable 24/7/365 partner support.


Protect business applications and data

Simplified administration that delivers single login access across devices, to your datacenter and the cloud-based data. Real time protection for apps and data using machine learning and the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph, which proactively restricts access if a potential threat is identified.

Simplified access solution across your infrastructure

Ensure user specific access to data and applications from multiple devices, which is consistent and rationalized. Extend your on-premises management to the cloud from a single console with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection integration for enhanced PC, Mac, Unix/Linux server, and mobile device administration.

Ensure access to data and apps for your mobile devices

Operate with the assurance that you have a dependable access solution that supports a comprehensive range of enterprise applications and devices. Invest in an Enterprise Mobility and Security solutions that allow optimal use of your resources with no compromise in security.

Ensure your organizations devices are compliant with your enterprise’s policies. Call us now to know more!