Cloud Service

Even The Non-Believers Now Have At Least One Cloud Service

23 January 2019

‘In persuing the finds of a cloud survey released last week, I thought about these first-hand experiences, and what it means to run things in the cloud. Namely, I believe we’re reaching a point in which many people are unaware that they may be using cloud applications, and it simply doesn’t matter. And I wonder if even the most detailed surveys are capturing the true depth of cloud engagements.


The survey of 1,257 executives, conducted by Evolve IP, finds that the average company now has about 2.7 services in the cloud. Even those executives who are holding out, the “non-believers,” as the survey’s authors describe them, have an average of 1.4 services in the cloud.’


‘Microsoft had the most momentum in the cloud market over the past year. Compared to survey adoption results in 2013, Microsoft Exchange, Lync and Office were more frequently deployed in the cloud with increases of 21.5 percent, 53 percent and 63 percent respectively. Further, Microsoft Office and Exchange are among the top five services expected for deployment in the next three years, signaling continued momentum in 2015 and beyond.’


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