SharePoint Vs. Google Suite For Business

SharePoint Vs. Google Suite for business, which one wins?

23 July 2019

Microsoft has dominated the workplace environments for a long time simply because of the high adoption of Microsoft productivity apps for businesses.  But recently, the wind has shifted in the favor of Google Suite for Business, which offers similar features for a much cheaper price. It is becoming quite popular among startups who wish to do more in less.  So, as a company looking to meet their data storage, office…

Factors to consider when migrating to Office 365

28 June 2019

Microsoft Office 365 is an industry standard for modern workplaces. The business favorite suite of MS Office apps like PowerPoint, Word and Excel have been upgraded to comply with the changing business needs.  MS Office 365 has nearly 120 million users in the business category worldwide. According to CEO, adoptions have increased due to the new service model that sells subscriptions instead of standalone packages.  The new tools, mobility enhancements,…

Difference Between IaaS and PaaS

What is the difference between IaaS and PaaS?

11 June 2019

If you’re new to cloud computing, concepts like Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service can be baffling at first. In reality, the cloud works on shifting all your on-premise equipment requirements to distributed server farms owned by cloud giants. Therefore, everything they offer is served via the as-a-Service model. Let’s say someone offers Azure Infrastructure as a Service Dubai, then they’d be giving you access to the…

AWS Vs. Azure – Which is the best Cloud Services Provider?

17 May 2019

We’ve been using Azure for many years at LiveRoute now; also, we built a number of Azure services keeping business in mind. But is Azure the right cloud for you? The battle between Azure and AWS is intense, so we decided to see how they make the grade in this head-to-head comparison. There is no doubt that customers love Amazon Web Services (AWS). The segment gained a profit of more…

In-house IT vs Managed IT Services – Which one does your business need?

27 March 2019

There’s no debate on whether you need an IT department or not, but the question that matters is that do you need it in-house, or managed? Managed IT services have become a great alternative for businesses who don’t want to employ on-site IT engineers. Some businesses simply don’t require it, while some are better off with a remote IT helpdesk. On the other hand, some businesses need an in-house IT…

Cloud Service

Even The Non-Believers Now Have At Least One Cloud Service

23 January 2019

'In persuing the finds of a cloud survey released last week, I thought about these first-hand experiences, and what it means to run things in the cloud. Namely, I believe we’re reaching a point in which many people are unaware that they may be using cloud applications, and it simply doesn’t matter. And I wonder if even the most detailed surveys are capturing the true depth of cloud engagements.  …