Microsoft Teams Searvice Provider

Introducing Work from Home Technologies – Microsoft Teams and WVD/VDI

21 August 2020

Microsoft Teams: "A natural extension to any practice" Teamwork and collaboration have become modus operandi for new and diverse workplaces. This leads to major cultural changes across companies as they embrace intelligent cloud technologies. Delivering and driving the adoption of tools and processes to enable these emerging ways of work have become critical for companies today. Partners can provide the protection, governance, and change management required to introduce and automate…

MS Teams for the SMB Segment

Educating and creating awareness on MS teams for the SMB segment

22 July 2020

Marketing and communication section of the overall adoption plan involves awareness and training. This will make sure that your workforce is well aware of the new capabilities of Microsoft Teams and their underlying Microsoft 365 or Office 365 services and applications. What is MS Teams and what is the purpose of Microsoft Teams? Microsoft Teams is a continuous collaborative communication network, which involves document sharing, online meetings, and many other…

Data Backup Service

Key Features to Look into a Data Backup Service for Your Business

18 December 2019

Data Backups can be the difference between life and death in critical business scenarios. Each year, millions of dollars are lost to unrecoverable data and unavailability of backups. Therefore, if you rely on digital information in your business, the importance of timely and safe backups can’t be stressed enough.  You can have your own data backup mechanism or hire a managed service provider to ensure strong data backup policies. Backups…

Disaster Recovery As A Business

How to implement Disaster Recovery as a Business Continuity Measure at your workplace?

5 December 2019

In a business environment highly dependent on technology, the need to safeguard digitally generated data and application software is becoming critical by the day. Each year, cyber threats, system failures, and natural calamities completely destroy a multitude of business data, leading to billions of dollars in losses.  A mock example of the situation is when a person accidentally deleted his entire company due to a bad Linux command. The problem…

Cloud Backups

Why Cloud Backups are an Ultimate Business Necessity

12 November 2019

While some technologies are nice-to-have upgrades, a cloud backup solution is a critical feature that you shouldn’t compromise on.  Data is the new oil they say, because for every business, their data holds the entire business value. If the data is somehow stolen or corrupted, the business would fall apart ourightly.  You may think that you have a strong cyber security protection enabled for your company data but even the…

Benefits of Shifting Business Data to Cloud

Benefits of shifting your business data to the cloud

31 October 2019

From your employee’s attendance details to your company’s financial statements, your business relies on a strong footing for data management.  From a long time, businesses had no choice but to deploy an on-premise server to secure it and make it available throughout the office. But with cloud computing, things are changing fast.  Cloud computing is slowly eradicating the need for dedicated server rooms from companies and replacing them with a…

PaaS Providers

Most Popular PaaS Products Your Business Should Be Implementing Right Now!

15 October 2019

Cloud computing has already become an irrevocable part of all modern businesses. It’s now time to optimize cloud performance and build better solutions.  One of the most notable features of cloud computing that are slowly revolutionizing the business technology development is Platform as a Service.  Platform as a Service allows developers to focus on web application programming with ease while the cloud provider handles the underlying OS and server management.…

PaaS Benefits


9 October 2019

PaaS stands for Platform as a Service which is a cloud computing category. It provides the customers with a platform where they can develop, run and manage various applications. PaaS is very useful for buyers and sellers in the IT industry associated with cloud computing.  It is a profit-generating service that helps small businesses to develop and trade their own software, just like SaaS and IaaS. It is very simple…

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS)


7 October 2019

IAAS stands for Infrastructure-as-a-Service which provides a cloud-based infrastructure for your business. IAAS is often used by companies as scalable platforms for new applications or to expand old applications to larger audiences.  Many small businesses tend to develop in-house web servers to save the expenses initially. But these in-house web servers are not able to scale significantly and consume a lot of productive time. Hence, as the businesses grow, the…

Azure Backup Vs Azure Site Recovery

Azure Backup Vs. And Azure Site Recovery, Which Is Better?

6 September 2019

Every cloud-based business has all of its data stored on the cloud servers. So, such businesses are completely dependent on their data. Loss of their data will create havoc and lead to a huge loss in the business. This loss can be due to any disaster, either natural, human errors or due to power outages. To prevent the data from being lost, there are two options available - Azure Backup…